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WELL ATA172 is a compact VoIP gateway with two FXS ports for connecting two analog phones. This means that you can connect to the gateway 2 analog phones and each registered 3 independent SIP accounts. Together, you can have up to 6 separate accounts for Internet calling.

WELL ATA172 has two Ethernet ports: WAN port is designed to connect to any internet connectivity, a second LAN connector to connect VoIP gateway network card via computer or hub / switch to the LAN.

VoIP gateway through embedded QoS (DSCP) indicates through her voice packets passing through a network If the device can identify these packets, allowing you to prioritize VoIP calls before the normal data flow.

Advantage of this integration is also a gateway NAT and DHCP server. Gateway allows users to easily share your internet connection with other computers in the network without having to run a proxy server software on one PC still switched on. These functions are very useful so especially when deploying a cable modem, Wireless Access Point and user divorced Ethernet metropolitan networks. Gateway configuration is done via your web interface or via Telnet.

Use for VoIP telephony is fundamentally the same as for other VoIP products. For registration and award of a contract (or paying credit) to any of the paid VoIP operators can be used without turning on your computer through the use WELL ATA172 VoIP telephony and traditional analog phone calls at a low fee for a mobile phone number in the telephone network. At the same time user you have a public phone number, so it can be easily invoked from a landline or mobile phone.

Data interface Ethernet
10/100 Mb/s , ethernet 1xLAN , 1xWAN
FXS ports 2
FXO ports no
PSTN port no
Network servicies Fixed IP, DHCP, PPPoE
NAT yes,can turn off DHCP server
QoS DiffServ/VLAN
VoIP standards SIP
Codec support G.711, G723.1, G.726, G.729
Fax protocol T.38 yes
Peer-to-Peer Mode yes
Voice Activity Detection yes
Jitter Buffer yes
3Way conference no
Call joining yes
Call forwarding yes
HOLD yes
Call Waiting yes
DTMF yes
Phonebook, numbers and name of persons yes
Caller ID yes
Identificated status by LED yes
Management web, Tellnet, DTMF
Firmware upgrade yes
Power supply yes, (12V DC, 1.0. - 1.25.A)
User guides english, czech

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